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I help consultants, speakers and published authors increase sales by making changes to their websites and learning how to attract the right visitors.

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Jason Nolan

“Alastair was great and gave some excellent guidance for making small changes which can make a big difference.

Website enquiries literally tripled and since then I’ve increased my prices by 40%

I have a lot more to do to improve it further but those two things made a massive difference.”

Jason Nolan, Jason Nolan Wedding Films

“I was able to implement one specific suggestion almost immediately. That directly turned into an increase of $8,000 per month in recurring revenue. The following week I was able to use the same strategy to close a further $3,500 per month contract.

That’s a $138,000 increase in annual sales that I can directly attribute to Alastair’s advice.

I strongly recommend working with Alastair on your business and marketing.”

Sean Walsh, SW Designs

Sean Walsh with Gary Vaynerchuk

Sean Walsh (left)

ThinStone Ireland

ThinStone Ireland

“Alastair from WebsiteDoctor was a huge help with complex website and SEO issues.

Since starting work with Alastair, we have seen a 17X increase in traffic from SEO, increasing from 626 to 11,235 visitors in the equivalent time period this year.”

Tom Wilson, ThinStone Ireland

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