Cross-Post: Dealing with Inherited Code

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This post is more toward the techie end of the scale, non-geeks can skip this one :)

I took on a software porting project in my first job, and this is how I dealt with getting to grips with the large, unknown codebase. I hope this is of use to anyone – particularly junior developers – in learning a large inherited codebase for software project inherited from another developer.

Link: Programming: Dealing with Inherited Source Code

I’m cross-linking here on WebsiteDoctor as it might be useful to web programmers starting work on a large unfamiliar codebase.


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  1. Hi MK,

    There’s some good recommendations over on StackOverflow here that might be of use – many of them are C specific.

    Personally, I think you can’t go wrong with some basic text processing and search tools. It’s fairly platform dependent, so I like Notepad2 (the Kai Liu version) for text editing, along with Agent Ransack for in-file search. On UNIX systems gvim, grep and a terminal are usually all I’d need.


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